Pathfinder: Broken Moon

stairs of the moon

The Log of Alam
We went to perform a search of estebans quarters at the lodge. Gubbins as always masterfully picked the lock to his room. Upon entering we stumbled into esteban who immediately teleported away. Upon searching his quarters we found his spell book as well as some other items which will be posted later.
Although we did not want to we left our brave summoner Gerrad at the lodge to assist in defending the facility.
Horses were commandeered from the lodge to help our trek to the stairs of the moon. Werewolves of the leaderless primals smelled us coming, and we were attacked en route. All heroes survived.
At the stairs we were met by tribesmen of the broken ones and the silverhides. After a brief battle Bahamut looked favorably on the situation as cooler heads somehow prevailed. Preliminary arrangements were made with the werewolves present as that the new operators of the lodge would respect The Werewolves lands after the situation with the whispering way was explained by our oddly extra diminutive yet highly charismatic Gnome. We brave adventurers cleaned, and consecrated the temple.
During the cleaning/concentration process we found the body of a whispering way man with a plain Iron ring that had whispering way runes. We found a journal of the temple that tells of a man that tried to preserve his son in an attempt to cure his lycanthopy. Also we found what might be plans of the whispering way for lepistad, feldgraw, revengraw, and the stairs of the moon.
Master Cobblethought activated the dusk moth for joy of curiosity in what would happen, while I stayed close by. What we encountered was audience with the deity of fate I believe who gave us visions of things to come; bone brestplated necromancer, a tentacle monster, and our confrontation with a vampiric spellcaster, as well as a decaying lich. Our return left me feeling slightly more influential, and Gubbins a little more alert.



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